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About Dave & Deb

Dave and Deb Claus are the owners of Premo Creek Puppies and moved to Crystal Falls, Michigan in their retirement. They are currently living out their dream to retire in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and raise puppies.

aussiedoodle puppies playing on couch

Our Background

Dave and Deb met and married later in their lives while living in Iowa. Deb is native to Iowa and Dave is originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As Dave and Deb have both been married before, their families joke that they saved the best for last. Deb believes both Dave and herself had to go through what they did to get where they are today. Between Dave and Deb, they have 7 children, 16 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren.

While Dave and Deb both worked and lived in Iowa, they built a log home in the U.P. with the dream of moving there when retired. Prior to retirement, Dave worked at John Deere Waterloo Tractor Works and Deb worked for Transamerica in Cedar Rapids.

Dave and Deb had another dream; to raise puppies once retired. So, when it comes to Premo Creek Puppies, it is more than just a business, it is a dream they get to live every day. Their intention is to always better the breed one puppy at a time, therefore, their breeding family always begins with registered and genetic tested puppies. Dave and Deb raise puppies with the hope of finding families that want to share their dream of not only having a puppy be part of their lives, but become a part of their family.

When Dave and Deb aren’t busy with the pups, they enjoy pontooning, fishing, riding trails on the side by side, gardening and canning. They also love to visit family in both Iowa and the U.P.

Dave always tells Deb, “We’re living the dream Baby!”

Deb Claus with dog in lap sitting on rock
Dave Claus sitting in chair in grass with three puppies

Why Doodles?

Okay, so why doodles? Many people want an Aussie or a Golden retriever because they are both extremely intelligent breeds and they show great love and loyalty to their family. Some people, however, have allergies or are not able to deal with the shedding, but when you put a poodle in the mix, you have another very intelligent breed. Breed an Aussie or a Golden Retriever or a Bernese Mountain Dog with a poodle and you have the best of both breeds, plus little to no shedding, which most often results in a puppy that is tolerable to those with allergies. Dave and Deb never knew how laid back and loving a standard poodle can be. They also found that the temperament of a doodle is unique, much like a poodle. So, they realized that in breeding those traits of a poodle with an Aussie or a Golden, they could have the best of the best.